chapter one
This booklet is based on my own experience of converting from internal combustion power flying to electric power which I now fly exclusively. Any opinions expressed are therefore unavoidably personal and I don't imagine that everyone will agree. It will advise you on your choice of radio control equipment, electric motors, batteries, etc. and help you to take your first steps into the often confusing but very rewarding world of electric flight. This booklet is in no way a comprehensive look at all of the products that are available to the electric flyer nor a font of all knowledge. Rather it is a simple description of some products which when used together within certain guidelines will more or less guarantee success. Principally the popular SPEED 400 and SPEED 600 sizes of motor and related equipment and models. Various terms are explained and the reasons for using gearboxes, speed controllers, etc. The model examples given are only starting points, as you grow more familiar with what a few basic motors are capable of you will better understand the whole range of possibilities.

What to tell and what to leave out? A tough question. My answer is to tell enough to make you, the beginner, feel confident with electric power and help you to understand that it is no more complicated than internal combustion power. Some will say that if a word like 'power' or 'energy' is used then it should be defined. Who insists on this for the I/C engine user? Much of the science and mathematical complication which surrounds electric power is due to the ease of making measurements. People with electrical knowledge can formulate and postulate and much has found it's way into print. This information you will find useful later if your interest develops in that direction.

For now, my advice is to buy what is recommended by the kit manufacturer and enjoy the quiet pleasure of electric flight, it's as simple as that. You need never go any deeper so long as manufacturers and plan designers do their job and recommend effective power trains (motor, direct drive/gearbox, battery pack, propeller) in the same way that I/C powered models have their engines specified simply by capacity. As you progress you will naturally come to understand electric power better and if you wish you can then seek out more detailed information and perhaps experiment a little.

Having said that, perhaps the rest of this guide is completely unnecessary, it may be! So, read those sections that catch your interest, it can't do any harm but don't imagine that you need to be able to recite these words like some mystical mantra before each flight.

Although heck, come to think of it deity-hood may be fun.

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